Driveway Sealing Products

Driveways & Patio Sealing Products In Dublin

If you can’t find what you’re searching for, please contact us and we’ll do our best to assist you. Premium Imprint‘s innovative surface coating technologies are the result of rigorous laboratory research and testing, as well as years of practical expertise. Our ranges give great results regardless of the application or how much the surface is utilised.

– Enhances the colour of paving
– The growth of weeds and moss is inhibited
– Jointing sand and pointing is bonded and stabilised
– Future cleaning is easier and less time-consuming
– Oil and other stains can be removed with relative ease
– Efflorescence is reduced
– The surface is fade and weather resistant

Here are some examples of surfaces that can be sealed with our carefully formulated sealers:

– Block paving
– Patio slabs
– Imprinted concrete
– Stencil concrete
– Concrete

Driveway Sealing Products

We are a Dublin-based company that specialises in offering high-quality, professional driveway and patio cleaning and sealing services. We typically utilise professional pressure washing equipment to clean driveways and patios, but for layered stone such as Indian Sandstone, we soft wash to guarantee no damage is done.

Paving Sealer Types and Advantages

There are numerous paving sealants on the market today, each with a wide range of price and quality. Customers who wish to change the look of their driveway or patio can choose from a number of finishes.

However, individuals who do not want the sealer to have any visible impact might use the transparent / invisible sealer.

Low sheen, matt, colour enhancer, and gloss/wet look are some of the other sealant treatments.

  • stop fading caused by sunlight (UV rays)
  • prevent water saturating sub base with water repellence – hydrophobic. These sealants also help stop staining by water based drink spillages
  • prevent oil staining – oleophobic
  • prevent growth of algae and moss
  • inhibit weeds
  • facilitate easier future cleaning
  • dustproofer helps prevent build up of dirt

Cost Of Driveways & Patio Sealing

The cost of a completely new driveway can be excessively expensive, especially when the foundation, trash disposal, and rainwater drainage rules that apply to freshly constructed driveways are factored in.
As a result, an increasing number of individuals are resorting to driveway sealing and recoloring, resulting in hundreds of high-quality solutions on the market.
Expect a freshly resurfaced driveway for a fraction of the cost of a new one. You’ll also protect the driveway from spilled oil and gasoline, and some sealants can be blended with anti-slip compounds to improve grip, which is ideal for steep drives that turn slippery when wet.

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Permanent Texture and Colour


Weed Free and No Sinking


Weather Resistant


Oil and Stain Resistant

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