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Gravel Driveway Installations in Dublin

A low-cost driveway solution with good drainage and a long-lasting appearance.

Premium Imprint’s gravel driveway and path surfacing is done by Premium Imprint’s team of experts. We have a large variety of colours and varieties of gravel to choose from, so you’re sure to be pleased with the ultimate product. You can trust our team of professionals to properly instal your gravel driveway.
All of our gravel driveways have a Geo-tex membrane installed to prevent dips, loose gravel, and weed growth through the surface.

All of our driveway surfacing jobs come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and our Premium Imprint team will clean up after themselves. Perhaps as a result of the current economic climate, more homeowners are opting to invest in stunning new driveways, patios, and outdoor landscaping to raise the value of their home and create instant curb appeal. We service the entire Dublin area and its environs.

Simply fill out the form and we’ll call you back to speak with a driveway consultant in Dublin. Our 3D design service and estimations are completely free and do not obligate you to purchase anything.

Pattern Imprinted Concrete

Gravel is a popular and long-lasting building material that may be found in a variety of houses, including grand homes and country cottages. Premium Imprint offers three different types of gravel surfaces, each of which is important in terms of improving the surface of a home and increasing one’s lifestyle.

Our gravel driveways are both affordable and practical. They can be utilised in vast areas and are a viable alternative to block paving. Gravel surfacing is great for security since it makes a lot of noise, which makes strangers or burglars easy to spot while walking or driving on it.

What We Do

In order to complete gravel surfacing chores in most homes, our firm uses innovative products and building processes. Our driveway professional will educate you on the benefits of various gravels and recommend the best one for your property when you speak with us.

We use the greatest and most innovative cellular gravel method of roughly 20mm depth while installing a gravel driveway. This technology eliminates gravel movement and strengthens the stability of your driveway, allowing vehicular traffic such as 4x4s, caravans, tractors, horse boxes, and site maintenance equipment. One of the key benefits of a gravel driveway is that it is entirely permeable when laid with a permeable sub-base (such as MOT Type 3) and thus complies with SUDS rules.

In most situations, we construct gravel driveways on a MOT Type 3 sub-base, which aids in the drainage of your driveway and resolves any drainage concerns that may present.

Our in-house designers are capable of creating your most desired design.

Their abilities have aided us in achieving a great deal of success in this industry. We were able to avoid outsourcing because of this; you hire us, and we complete the assignment. Excellent service delivery is ensured when you work with us.

  • Block Paving Driveways
  • Tarmac / tarmacadam Driveways
  • Resin Bond/Bound Driveways
  • Feature driveways
  • Edging and walling
  • Brick pillars and gate entrance pillars
  • Water features
  • Security and entrance lighting
  • Mix of driveway materials to create zones.
  • 10 year manufacture guarantee
  • 5 year work guarantee
  • Driveway cleaning
  • Driveway repair

More About Gravel Driveways Dublin

Gravel Driveways are a specialty of a long-serving team of driveway experts in Dublin.

Gravel Driveways Dublin are available in a broad range of colours and sizes, and can be used for a variety of purposes, including giving an existing driveway, path, or patio a new look, or enhancing the appearance of a flower bed or border. Premium Imprint has access to all of the most popular and complementary alternatives through our suppliers, and we’d be pleased to assist you in finding the one that’s right for you.

A Geo-tex membrane is laid beneath all of our gravel operations as standard, since this is required to prevent future weed growth. An M.O.T stone sub-base with its own distinct membrane to prevent future sinkage can be built in any driveway, regularly used path, or patio area where strength is required.

Gravel driveways are a popular choice for those seeking an environmentally friendly alternative to asphalt driveways. There are advantages and disadvantages to utilising gravel for your driveway surface, as with anything else. Knowing what’s good and what’s terrible can help you decide if this is the right surface for you.

The Pros

1 – Affordability
Gravel is a lot less expensive than concrete, asphalt, or any other type of paved surface. It can be half the price of paved driveways. Even though you’ll have to maintain the gravel, it’ll be quite inexpensive.

2 – Maintenance
Gravel is just as simple to keep clean as a paved driveway. Simply add more gravel when the weight and water causes it to sink. This is something you’ll have to accomplish on a consistent basis. Depending on the use and weather conditions, filling it in to even it out is normally required twice a year.

3 – Installation
When it comes to installing a gravel driveway, it’s a breeze. After grading the driveway, you can add the gravel of your choice. Fill in the gaps between the gravel with a layer of pea gravel. Within a week, it will settle and leave you with a smooth surface. Unlike a paved surface, which must cure before being utilised, you can use it right away once it’s laid.

4 – Water Drainage
Gravel also has a good water drainage system. It permits the water to soak into the ground and evaporate into the air without damaging the driveway. Water can become trapped in a paved driveway, causing fractures and deterioration that is both time-consuming and costly to fix.

The Cons

1 – Snow and Ice Removal
It’s difficult to remove snow or ice from gravel driveways in the winter, especially if they’re not smooth. During these times, the only thing you can do is throw salt on the snow or ice it to melt it, or add sand on top of the gravel to assist your tyres to grip.

2 – Ruts
Ruts can form on a heavily used gravel driveway, which are unsightly. To keep it looking nice, you’ll need to fill in the ruts on a regular basis.

3 – Options
There are a variety of surface texture, pattern, and colour options available with various driveway alternatives. There are few possibilities when it comes to gravel, and the colour and texture options are limited. As a result, if you want your driveway to complement the architecture of your home, it may not provide the wow impact you desire.

4 – Dirty
Gravel, in comparison to other driveway surfaces, is quite filthy. Dirt and dust can be a problem, especially during the hot summer months. This can necessitate frequent cleaning of your home’s exterior, as well as your garage when the door is opened.

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Permanent Texture and Colour


Weed Free and No Sinking


Weather Resistant


Oil and Stain Resistant

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