Driveway Sealing & Maintenance

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Premium Imprint provides a professional cleaning service to restore the vibrancy to your driveway or patio. We use a chemical-free industrial strength pressure washer equipment to clean and restore a wide range of surfaces. Over time, dirt, oil, and weeds can gather on block paving and asphalt driveways, causing them to bulge or break.

Ant nest infestations can be effectively removed, and the damaged section of the driveway can be repaired. Weeds that have become invasive can also be treated and securely eliminated.

Moss, dirt, and oil may all be cleaned effectively. Grouting needs to be replaced, and damaged joints need to be re-sanded.

Our driveway repair service is completely guaranteed, and we are fully insured.

Our expert Dublin driveway team has years of expertise repairing and cleaning driveways in Dublin and the surrounding areas. Call +353 (87) 118 6446 in Dublin.

Driveway Sealing & Maintenance

Re-sealing Repairs for your Driveways in Dublin

Our expert Dublin driveway repair team can also seal your hard surface with a specialist sealant in addition to deep cleaning it. This will help to keep the surface clean for up to three years.

The sealer also has a minimal odour, allowing it to be used in close proximity to livestock or pets.

The sealer will also make it easier to clean your Dublin driveway with a pressure washer, allowing you to keep that “new look” for longer.

What We Do

The most obvious benefit of using a high-quality sealant on your driveway is that it protects your block paving from the elements, as well as the investment you’ve made in your home.

When it comes to applying sealant, there are a few mistakes that an untrained user can do, which is why hiring Premium Imprint to do it for you is a sensible decision. We always use a high-quality sealant because lower-cost alternatives are prone to abrasion and can discolour with time. Sealant should never be used on newly poured block paving since the jointing sand takes 3 to 4 months to fully settle, therefore we won’t seal your drive till it’s been 6 months. If you seal a driveway too soon, you risk sealing in any flaws, which could lead to long-term concerns.


– A high-quality tarmac and asphalt surface restoration product. It was created with commercial purposes in mind, but it is now available for home owners to use as a repair tool.

– Tarmaseal is a high-quality acrylic water-based coloured tarmac restorer, unlike inexpensive bitumen-based treatments found in DIY stores. Tarmaseal not only alters the surface, but it also replenishes the Tarmac’s lost resins and colour.

– The tarmac surface will be preserved, recolored, and repaired after application. It will continue in good shape for many years if a top coat of Tarmaseal is applied every few years.

  • Protects the surface from staining
  • Eliminates the growth of algae
  • Significantly reduces the chances of weed growth
  • Prolongs the lifespan of your paving
  • Binds together jointing sand, which increases the strength
  • Enhances the colouring and prevents fading

Driveway Cleaning Dublin

Premium Imprint is fully trained, insured, and experienced in high pressure cleaning in Dublin to the highest industry standards, and will only leave your home until you are completely satisfied with all of the jet washing services done.
We recognise the value of excellent customer service and are proud of our track record.

In Dublin, Premium Imprint offers driveway and patio cleaning services. We clean a variety of hard surfaces that are commonly used in the construction of driveways and patios.

We employ professional high-pressure jet washing machines for driveway cleaning, as well as a high-performance rotating surface cleaner.

Surface grime, algae, moss, lichen, weeds, and oil stains, among other things, are easily removed with our technique. After a thorough cleaning, we can apply an algaecide/fungicide to the surface to prevent the regrowth of algae and lichen, keeping your driveway or patio fresh for longer.

After J R Driveway Cleaning in Dublin has expertly cleaned your driveway or patio, you may have the area coated with a suitable sealant to keep your driveway or patio clean for longer.

  • Inhibits weed growth and loss of sand from joints
  • Waterproofs surface and restricts growth of algae and lichen
  • Helps prevent colonisation of ants nests
  • Enhances the natural colours of pavers or flags
  • Makes your driveway more oil resistant
  • concrete or clay block paving
  • Indian Sandstone
  • limestone
  • patterned/ stamped/ decorative imprinted concrete
  • paving slabs
  • resin bound drives, paths and swimming pool area and surrounds
  • resin bonded
  • cobbles and stones
  • concrete
  • Manual removal of weeds with specially designed tool
  • Pressure cleaning of surface to remove dirt and stains
  • When dry we apply block paving weedkiller and inhibitor
  • Re-fill joints with block paving sand (kiln dried sand)
  • Apply Resiblock Trade Sealant (one coat system)

Many properties in Dublin require driveway cleaning, patio cleaning, and patio refurbishment. Block paving driveways, patios, and imprinted concrete surfaces across Dublin with Premium Imprint’s cleaning and paving sealer application. We’ve also arranged for patio and driveway cleaning in Dublin’s surrounding locations.

We also offer tarmac repairs, decking cleaning, oil removal, block paving repairs, pressure washing, natural stone pavement cleaning, and commercial paving cleaning in addition to driveway and patio cleaning in Dublin. We also supply homeowners and professionals in Dublin with block paving and imprinted concrete sealers, as well as tarmac restorer.

Natural stone sealing in Dublin is also available for sandstone, limestone, granite, or slate driveways and patios.

Premium Imprint can also provide you with the supplies and products you need to do your own paving cleaning and sealing. Our DIY Paving Sealing Kits come with everything you’ll need to execute a driveway or patio renovation project like a pro. Block paving sealer, imprinted concrete sealer, and patio sealer kits are all available.

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Permanent Texture and Colour


Weed Free and No Sinking


Weather Resistant


Oil and Stain Resistant

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