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Premium Imprint is a Dublin-based company that specialises in the installation of pattern imprinted concrete for driveways.

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Any property will benefit greatly from a new driveway, path, or patio. We provide a large selection of paving styles to fit any home, whether it is modern, traditional, or contemporary.

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Driveways Work

In Dublin, you may get the greatest quality pattern imprinted concrete and concrete driveway. Stamped concrete with a realistic effect that lasts a long time.

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Why Premium Imprint

Premium Imprint is a Dublin-based company that specialises in imprinted concrete driveways. In the Dublin road, we construct high-quality stamped concrete roads.

For your driveway and road, enjoy high-quality, long-lasting imprinted concrete. Create a sophisticated and stylish driveway for your home. You have complete control over the style and colour of your driveway. Make your road look like wood, stone, slate, cobblestones, or bricks. Our models are realistic and require very little care. Surfaces are waterproof and weed-free, and cleaning is minimal. For your property, this is the ideal investment.


Permanent Texture and Colour


Weed Free and No Sinking


Weather Resistant


Oil and Stain Resistant

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A specially developed, higher strength, fibre entrained concrete mix is poured on site, before a dry shake colour hardener is then floated into the surface.


Attractive, Stable, Hardwearing & Virtually Maintenance Free


Large Range of Colours
and Imprints and
Custom Designs


Re-sealed in Non
Slip Lacquer &
ECO Friendly

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    Why Choose Premium Imprint for all your driveways?

    Our projects range from Royal Palaces to Shopping Malls, and our portfolio is as spectacular as it is broad. Premium Imprint has a distinct perspective on how customers should be treated, and we strive to deliver the best service possible.

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